Welcome to the 2018 APA Los Angeles Membership Survey. We're excited to hear your thoughts about the organization and our work, and the results will help ensure that we're meeting the needs of our members and the planning community in Los Angeles County!

We're also pleased to announce that each person who submits a completed survey will entered to win the following:

Two winners will receive one $50 Amazon gift card each
Two winners will each receive 1 complimentary ticket to the APA Los Angeles Awards Gala in June

let's begin!
How long have you been employed in the planning profession?

Which of the following best describes your current work?

Which of the following best match your specialized focus/expertise within the field of planning?

With what gender do you identify?

With what ethnicity/ethnicities do you identify?

Do you identify as LGBTQ+?

What is your age?

What is the highest level of education you have completed? If currently enrolled, indicate highest degree received.

Questions 9-14 are for students only.

If you are currently a student, please indicate the level of your program:

As a student, does APA Los Angeles provide enough opportunities for you to engage?

What types of programs could APA Los Angeles offer to better serve student members?

Have you interacted with a student representative to APA, or other APA leadership?

Are there any non-financial barriers to retaining your membership after you graduate?

Are you a current APA member?

Questions 15-21 are for members only.

What is your category of membership?

What is the year that you first became an APA member?

What are the primary reasons that you maintain membership?

For paying members, who pays your dues?

Does your employer pay for any of the following?

Do you consider yourself an active member at the local (Los Angeles County) level?

If so, what has facilitated your involvement?

If not, What would facilitate your involvement at the local level?

How likely are you to recommend to non-members in Los Angeles County that they join the American Planning Association?

If you are not an APA member now but were previously, why did you choose not to renew?

To which other professional organizations do you belong, or have recently been a member of?

Add as many as you'd like.

Please rate the following in terms of the value you personally get from APA Los Angeles, whether or not you are a member.

Awards Program & Gala

Social/Networking Events

Professional Development Events

Young Planners Activities

Student Scholarships & Activities

AICP Exam Support & Credit Maintenance

Events and programming represent a large part of our resources. Input from you is important so we can plan these events with the needs of our members in mind.

How do you feel about the programming produced by APA Los Angeles in the past 2 years?

Roughly how many APA Los Angeles events have you attended in the past 2 years?

Can you tell us your favorite APA Los Angeles event from the past 2 years?

Have you attended our Awards Gala in the past 2 years?

Have you attended our holiday party in the past 2 years?

What type of events most interest you?

In which areas are you most likely to attend APA Los Angeles events?

If APA Los Angeles were to host an annual event, summit, or convening, what would be appealing to you?

What topics would you like to see such an annual event address?

What could APA Los Angeles offer that would be of value to you personally?

What could APA Los Angeles offer that would be of value to your organization?

If you do not attend APA LA events, why not?

How do you feel about the cost/value of APA LA events?

Overall, how do you feel about our programming?

Professional Development is another fundamental aspect of our organization. Your input on these questions will help make sure we're meeting everyone's needs.

Are you AICP certified?

If certified or pursuing certification, what do you perceive as the value of AICP?

If not certified, what do you perceive as the value of AICP to others?

Are you considering or pursuing AICP certification?

If not certified or pursuing certification, why not?

How does your employer support AICP certification?

What skills should APA Los Angelescreate professional development programming around?

Are there technical or practical resources that you would like APA Los Angeles to provide?

Overall, how do you feel about our professional development opportunities?

We'd like to know how we're doing in communicating with you.

Let's start with the website. How would you rate http://apalosangeles.org/ in terms of being able to find and access things of value for your membership?

What about our e-newsletter?

Do you receive emails from APA Los Angeles:

What are best ways that APA Los Angeles can communicate with our members?

Please rate the following in terms of the value you personally get:

Job listings

Blog posts

APA news

Local planning news

Event listings

Legislative updates

Social media campaigns

How do you think we could improve communication with our members?

Please rank your level of agreement with the following statements.

APA Los Angeles is a leader in the local planning community.

APA Los Angeles is an advocate for planners and planning.

APA Los Angeles offers a welcoming and inclusive environment.

APA Los Angeles provides value to me as a planning professional.

Overall, how satisfied are you with APA Los Angeles? *

Finally, is there anything you would like to suggest to the APA Los Angeles Board?

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